Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Side effect of 2G shutdown in SG

This post is not about investment.

I have a dual-sim mobile phone: SIM1 for my SG number, SIM2 for my CN number; SIM2 is in roaming mode, anchored with 2G signal without data service, so that I could continue recv call and SMS from CN.

Due to recent 2G radio shutdown by Singapore's local operators, I got the following SMS yesterday from my CN mobile operator when I was on level 6 of a 5-star hotel at Orchard Road.

Quite amused, as I was no where close to Indonesia.

When Singtel, StarHub, M1 shut down their 2G network, has this use case been thought of?

Side effect: turning of 2G radio signal, renders SIM2 100% useless, and effectively turns it into a single SIM phone.

Only dual active SIM supported mobile is spared from this situation. For example: Huawei Ascend Mate 7, but too outdated a model.

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