Monday, April 9, 2018

Refresh to continue (the journey)

Time flies fast.

It is already 3mth passed from my early Jan's blog post this year.

What and how did I do so far this year?

I reopened my old books, finished one more round of reading again. One of them I purchased in Y2003. Time flied fast.

  • I regretted that I should have followed it more closely long long time ago.
  • I felt that I'm now better equipped, and a lot of previously ambiguous concepts are now all linked properly with each other, even Warren Buffett's letters to partisanship from 1957 can be referenced into this book, concepts such as: generals, workouts, controls,... 

This is a relatively thin book, just a quick flip-thru to refresh the basic financial concepts in a company's annual report, amazingly a lot of those are still very relevant even today.

  • I shall do a few more experiments on SG counters myself as followup.

Work wise, this is THE month of the year, it is the mth of payout of my AWS (aws here is not Amazon Web Service, but my bonus of last year).

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