Monday, January 8, 2018

SG Bloggers


I rather randomly followed a couple of SG bloggers after coming back, selection is mainly based on my personal preference and quality of their articles, most of them post articles in the area of stock investment, financial planning and financial freedom, these areas are my interests.

- SG Wealth Builder, one of my liked bloggers recently put up a subscription based banner, I cannot any longer read his article w/o signup as a member. What a pity.

- ASSI, another locally known blogger has gone into semi-retirement mode since 2nd half of Y2017, he has reduced frequency of updates.

Time to make efforts to do my own home study more. Such time will anyway come by, sooner or later.

On personal improvement side, based on someone's recommendation, recently I finished reading "The art of thinking clearly".  I do not really appreciate every single fallacy summarized by Rolf Dobelli(the author). Even though the book serves a good pocketguide for quick reference, I still prefer master piece from Darrell Huff: How to lie with Statistics, or even Taleb's "Fooled by Randomness".

But one thing, I learnt from Rolf's book and thus would like to blog it down is: alternative path, when our investment return is good, is that because of our skill or our luck? It is more of a skill if thru alternative paths, I achieved the similar status/result/outcome.

That serves a sober reminder if I made some improvement on my stock investment.

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