Sunday, July 7, 2019

A quick update on H1 2019

Date: 2019-07-08

I had spent a lot of time in/out of hospital, elderly home since end of Q1 due to family member's poor health condition.

Not a lot of updates, given very little time and energy to monitor market, read reports etc.

I sold Guocoland(F17) at price of $2.00 recently, and immediately saw the price running away from me and it got to as high as $2.07 on that day. What a poor timing for me, considering the entire holding period of nearly 2Yrs, the return is merely 1.5% about; worse than putting that into a fixed deposit account.

Also I licked my wound on TTJ(K1Q) in Q2, another disgraced investment.

Given my substantial holding in STI ETF(ES3), and a pretty good return of STI index in H1 2019, overall it helps spare my blushes.

Good surprises came too, due mainly to Capitaland and Ascendas' various corporation action/consolidation.

Looking fwd to 2nd half the year.

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