Monday, January 14, 2019

Capitaland to acquire Ascendas

Date: 2019-1-14
Data source: Capitaland website

Today I have to write something about this acquisition, because I hold few counters of both sides that are involved in today's announcement from Capitaland.

I have a mixed feeling about it:
- should I feel better if Capitaland pays generously to Ascendas since I'll benefit more from my Ascendas REITs which are indirectly related and form the basis of valuation of the acquired entity - Ascendas-Singbridge (the sponsors of those REITs)?
- or should I feel better if Capitaland pays subpar to Ascendas then I'll benefit more from my Capitaland holdings and related Capital-REITs?

Few questions remain unanswered at this moment:
- is SGD $10.9b a right price to pay by Capitaland, of which $4.8b is debt to be inherited from Ascendas-Singbridge?
- in order to raise the remaining $6b, Capitaland is going to issue 862m Capitaland share @ 3.50 per piece, is this $3.50 correct price(knowing its current NAV $4.49)? (the rest of $3b, will be thru other financing options)
- Capitaland will have a much higher leverage @70+% after this activities, is this the appropriate level of gearing under current interest environment?

Frankly, I have no answers.

To read more of this PPT and wait for more info to unfold.

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