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From Nifty Fifty to Favorite Five

Date: 2018-09-17
Source: Supermoney, Internet info

Those final two years of the bubble reflected a subtle shift from the Go-Go era to the “Favorite Fifty” era. But that metamorphosis didn’t help the other, more conservative, equity funds. Why? Because as the bubble mutated from generally smaller concept stocks to large, established companies—“the great companies” epitomized in the Rochester portfolio, sometimes called the “Favorite Fifty,” sometimes the “Vestal Virgins”—the stock prices of these companies, too, lost touch with the underlying economic reality, trading at price-earnings multiples that, as it was said, “discounted not only the future, but the hereafter. 
But as 1973 began, the game ended. 
And so, on September 24, 1974, out of all the hyperbole and madness of the Go-Go era and the
Favorite Fifty era, and the travail of the great crash that followed, came the creation of the Vanguard Group of Investment Companies.

John C. Bogle, Jan 11, 2006
Forward to "Supermoney"(Adam Smith)

  • FAANG: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google
  • FAAAM: Facebook, Alphabet(Google), Amazon, Apple, Microsoft

Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX), and Alphabet (GOOG) are the five technology giants trading publicly in the market today, as of 2017. Wall Street grouped these companies into one acronym to capture the collective impact that these companies have on the markets. As of Mar. 20, 2018, the market capitalization of these companies summed up to $472.38B + $760.36B + $888.66B + $136.92B + $757.54B = $3.015 trillion.

Many shall be restored that now are fallen and many shall fall that now are in honor.
~Horace-Ars Poetica

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