Thursday, October 5, 2017


Updated: 2017.10.06
Data source: SPDR ETF annual report 2017, AIA fund report semi-annual report 2017

I got the pdf files from both web sites, both reports recorded respective funds performance ended Jun 2017. Because AIA's file is password protected, cannot copy and paste the figures into EXCEL file for comparison, so we have to live with the image captures.

AIA Fund performances

Spider STI ETF performance

STI ETF's annualized return is boosted by dividends over the years, approx. 3% improvement.

I suppose that AIA's fund return is before cost, meaning after mgmt cost deduction---assuming a 20:80% split, the unit trust holders of these funds are generally poorer than directly invest into SPDR STI ETF.

Of course, AIA funds are usually provided together with insurance products with certain level of insurance protection.

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