Sunday, September 25, 2016

A New Beginning

Today is a great day (every day is a great day) for a new Beginning!

After coming back from Singapore over the weekend, I decided to create my very first English blog. With a Chinese educated background, it is somewhat a challenge to me. Good thing is that this new blog is going to record my personal journey towards Financial Freedom. It is somehow a topic I have been practicing for a long time, and hopefully I can reach it soon. With some years of acquaintance of this topic, and my own interest in this area, it probably helps remove some of my linguistic hurdles in composing the articles.

About the trip
Flight from Shanghai the city I'm currently living in, to Singapore is around 4 hours 45 mins, the journey is shorter than I thought, I remembered that it used to take around 6 hours some couple of years ago. The facility on the airplane is getting better too, in-flight entertainment system becomes a norm nowadays, even for CEAir(China Eastern Airline) on the mid/long haul routes. Flight meal of economy class is quite decent too. (What will be the competitive advantage of SIA in the future P2P direct link?) 

It was a short trip to Singapore from Sep 21st 2016 to 24th, for a family reason.  There are a lot of changes since my last visit, most visible to me: new MRT lines are built, so are large numbers of condos/apartments built in the vicinity of MRT stations, albeit small in sizes.

My personal life is very much intertwined with two cities: Shanghai and Singapore. The former where I was born, the latter where I worked for many years. Just like competitions in business, two cities are also competing with each other in order to lure more talents, to become de-facto business center/financial center of Asia. I'm fortunate to have lived in these two dynamic metropolitan cities.

Now back to investment, this is a cyber space where I'm intending to keep a history record of my own investment journey towards Financial Freedom. There are bloggers who are good at blogging, I'm not. There are investors who are successful investors, I'm stilling learning. I'd like to use this blog to help myself achieve the status of a successful investor with a good shareable blog, not a famous blogger with mediocre investment result. 

For now, I've two websites in Chinese (though not really blog since I seldom post articles): and I'd like to complete this blog article with the following sentence(sited from my Chinese web site), to remind myself:
The key to successful investing is the purchase of shares in good business when market prices are at a large discount from underlying business values.

This is a new Beginning of a wonderful journey!